Founded in 2015, Bow-Wow Buddies is a volunteer run, no-kill dog rescue based in Palo Pinto County, TX.  Bow-Wow Buddies does not have a facility, we are a foster family only rescue.  Bow-Wow Buddies is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible.  We adopt dogs out within the state of Texas.

At Bow-Wow Buddies our goal is to minimize the needless euthanizing of abandoned dogs at local shelters/pounds and to rescue dogs in abusive and neglectful situations.  Bow-Wow Buddies will provide food, shelter, and necessary veterinary care to our rescue dogs.  Each dog at Bow-Wow Buddies will be spayed & neutered prior to adoption in an effort to help control the amount of unwanted animals abandoned & brought to shelters.  Bow-Wow Buddies will also hold adoption events to showcase dogs in need of loving homes.  We strive to be advocates for the voiceless animals that need help in our community.

    Our Mission