Save A Life, Be A Foster Pet Parent

Thank you for saving me, you're my hero!

If you would like to be a foster pet parent, please fill out the Foster Application below & mail it to:

910 Estacado Ct.

Graford, TX 76449

Bow-Wow Buddies is a Foster Family run dog rescue.  Without Foster Families, we would not be able to rescue dogs in need.  When you foster a dog, you welcome them into your home & give them the love, care, & attention they deserve until they are adopted into their forever home.

Why Should I Foster A Dog?

  • It frees up a spot so the shelter or rescue can take in another dog.
  • It can save a dog from being euthanized at a shelter or pound.
  • It gives the dog the time it needs to adjust to a home environment so that they are ready for adoption.
  • It helps the rescue learn more about the dog & its needs so that it can be placed with its perfect-match forever family.